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Initial Lodge Registrations for NOAC 2000

Initial Lodge Registrations for NOAC 2000 have now been received, and approved attendence assigned. The data in the tables linked below reflect the registration information processed in the National OA Office as of May 15, 2000.

Lodge participant fee payments are due June 1, 2000 (postmark date) to take advantage of the discounted fee structure. All NOAC fees must be received by the OA National Director no later than June 30, 2000. Final lodge registration numbers will be adjusted after these fee payments have been received.

Tables of the NOAC 2000 Initial Lodge Registrations:
(These are large tables and may take a little while to load)

Central Region Lodges
Northeast Region Lodges
Southern Region Lodges
Western Region Lodges


If you believe there is an error in any of this data, please contact your local Lodge NOAC Contingent Adviser, Lodge Adviser, or Lodge Staff Adviser to resolve the issue. If you are one of these advisers, please contact the National OA Office at 972-580-2438 to get more information or correct the problem.





Revised 5/22/00.