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Ceremonial Team Evaluation Criteria

Evaluate the team as a whole, not as four separate individuals.
Be aware of the following points during your observation.
Keep notes for suggestions to the individual character and team.


  • Confident, strong clear voices
  • Freedom from unnatural pauses or hesitations
  • Articulate enunciation and correct pronunciation
  • Logical grouping of words and phrases
  • Thoughtful flow of ideas, not mechanical repetition
  • Correct performance of required actions and movements
  • Memory errors noted


  • Natural, flowing and spontaneous gestures which illuminate the spoken words
  • Variety of facial expressions, tones of voice, loudness, and speed, which highlight and emphasize key points
  • Good eye contact with one another and candidates
  • Appropriate, distinguishing costume for each speaker


(surpassing even the highest expectations; preeminent or supreme; lying beyond ordinary perception)

  • They speak from personal experience, their own commitment to the ideals and values they have set forth
  • They have mastered character development to the extent that they truly portray the character, challenge, and tradition they represent
  • They work together as a team presenting the message in one voice
  • The interaction between the team members gives emphasis to the message and challenges
  • The ceremony was moving, inspiring, awesome!


For each member of the team, note the following areas:

  • Costume
  • Voice
  • Speech
  • Emphasis
  • Rate of delivery
  • Gestures
  • Eye contact
  • Role bearing


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Revised 3/27/00.