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National Events

Inductions & Ceremonial Events Committee

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments
B. Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
C. Goals and Objectives
D. Program plans for the Conference
E. Feedback

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Bob Crume - Conference Vice-Chief
Steve Arisman - Logistics and Public Relations
Brian Barth - Performance Evaluations
Brad Polk - Training (Cell)
Carson Strickland - Training (Intensive Inductions Training "IT")

B. Adult Committee Advisers:

Terry Honan - Lead Adviser
Dr. David Briscoe - Assistant Lead Adviser
Joe Buchman - "IT" Adviser
Jim Hinkle - Performance Evaluations Adviser

C. Goals and Objectives:

It is our mission to significantly impact the quality of lodge ceremonies in the Order of the Arrow through the training and evaluation of our Arrowmen at the 2000 National Order of the Arrow Conference.

The goal of the 2000 NOAC Ceremony Team Evaluation is to improve ceremonial performance in all lodges and maximize the quality of the induction experience for the individual candidate. If you're interested in improving your lodge's inductions, your lodge should strongly consider entering the 2000 Ceremony Team Evaluation. Your lodge may enter as many ceremonial teams as you wish in the Call-Out, Pre-Ordeal, Ordeal, Brotherhood, and/or Vigil Ceremonies.

D. Program plans for the Conference

E. Inductions & Ceremonial Events Feedback

If you have any questions or comments about the Inductions & Ceremonial Events committee for the 2000 NOAC, email CVC Bob Crume at


Revised 7/11/00.