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Lodge Basketball
Competition Rules


A. All players must be under twenty-one years of age.


A. A team will consist of five (5) players.


A. Forfeit time is the scheduled staring time of the contest.
B. A team may play a game with only four (4) players.
C. In order to claim a forfeit, a team must have their team present and ready to play.
D. If neither team is able to field the minimum number of players, a double forfeit will be declared.


A. Length of Game

1. The games will consist of two fifteen (15) minute halves (running clock) separated by a four (4) minute halftime period. The length of time allocated for games is subject to change depending on the number of teams competing.
2. During regulation play the clock will stop only for time-outs (team and officials) and injuries, until the last two (2) minutes when it will stop on all whistles (fouls, violations, etc.).
3. In the event of a tie after regulation play, a three (3) minute overtime period will be allowed to determine the winner of the contest. If necessary, additional overtime periods will be played until a winner can be determined.
4. The overtime period will utilize a running clock.

B. Time-Outs

1. Each team is allowed three (3) one minute time-outs per game, which may be taken at any time. One additional time-out per overtime period will be allowed, but may not be cumulative.

C. Fouls

1. Free throws will be awarded in the following situations:

a. Personal fouls in the act of shooting.
     1. If the shot is missed, two free throws will be awarded.
     2. If the shot is made, one free throw will be awarded.
b. Intentional fouls will be awarded two (2) free throws, plus possession.
c. Flagrant fouls will be awarded two (2) free throws, plus possession. The player who commits the flagrant foul will be disqualified.
d. Bonus situation (one and one). Bonus for free throws will be awarded beginning with the seventh team foul each half. After ten (10) team fouls in each half, two free throws will be awarded.

D. Dunking

1. Dunking will not be allowed at any time in the gymnasium, either before or during any games. The penalty is a one-shot technical foul plus disqualification of the basket. Possession will be given to the opposing team.

E. Substitution

1. Substitution shall be made only during dead ball situations (time-outs, fouls, etc.)
2. Substitutions may enter the court only when recognized by an official.

F. Jump Balls

1. A jump ball will be administered to start the game and any overtime periods. All other jump ball situations will be administered using the alternating possession procedure.


A. Three (3) point shots beyond 19 feet will be allowed.
B. All referees must attend the Referees Clinic (certified) to officiate games.

[Competition and Recreation Committee]

Revised 07/17/00.