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Competitions and Recreation Committee

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments
B. Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
C. Goals and Objectives
D. Preliminary Program plans for the Conference

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Timothy Flintoff, Jr. - Conference Vice Chief
Mark Hogan - Athletic Competition
Mikey LaPlante - Athletic Recreation
Lyle Lash III - General Recreation
Andy Zahn - General Competition

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B. Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

Gene Schnell - Lead Adviser
Randy Decker - Brotherhood Band
Alan Eggleston - Chorus
Richard Miller - Athletics
Steve Willis - Recreation
Jerry McCurley

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C. Goals and Objectives:

  • Provide the most energetic activities for NOAC
  • Provide a non-stop action packed conference
  • Provide fun and fellowship
  • Encourage physical and mental development of Arrowmen

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D. Preliminary Program plans for the Conference:

Beach Party
Open Bowling
Open Tennis
Open Swim
Open Billiards
Lodge Volleyball Competition
Lodge Basketball Competition
Lodge Soccer Competition
Flag Football Competition
Track and Field- One Day
5K Run
Swim Meet
OA Jeopardy!
Wischixin Game
Lipsync Competition
Winning Lines
Patch Trading
Brotherhood Band

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Revised 7/17/00.