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For 12 days, the OA Service Corps (OASC) will be aiding and assisting the Jamboree by providing service wherever and whenever we can.

The OASC functions like a lodge with five chapters. Each Arrowman will be placed in one of these chapters. Every morning, I will meet with the elected chapter chiefs to discuss the work projects for the day. Only four chapters will work every day so that the 5th chapter has the day to experience the Jamboree. Service Corps members will be doing many things, from helping to lifeguard some swimmers, to acting as an assistant to the Chief Scout Executive! Night, however, is a different matter.

Many things will be going on at night not only for the OASC but the rest of the youth staff as well. Whether it is a luau, a ho-down, or Arrowmen doing karaoke, every night will be a blast of fun. We will also have movies to watch and music to listen to.

Witahemui, service, has been a guiding principle of our Order since its foundation. The OASC will be representing this aspect of the OA at the National Jamboree. Our motto is "Gettin’ Your Sash Dirty," and I hope you will see Arrowmen doing just that.

Yours in Brotherhood,

Samuel L. Nitz
OA Service Corps
Jamboree Vice Chief

Revised 07/13/01