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Note: This page was for the 1998 NOAC. Go to 2000 NOAC Staff Information

1998 NOAC Staff Information

NOAC Support Staff
Support Staff Applicants
Detailed NOAC Staff Application Process
Conference Committee Lead Advisers

NOAC Support Staff

A National Order of the Arrow Conference could not function effectively without the dedicated service of those Arrowmen who work with one of the Conference Committees. These Arrowmen are referred to as "Support Staff".

Members of the NOAC Support Staff pay their own way to the conference, often traveling with their own lodge contingent. At the conference, they work for one or more days, some the entire week, in a support role to help make the national conference program successful. They pay the staff fee for the conference.

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Support Staff Applicants

All Arrowmen interested in being considered for a support staff assignment must request a Support Staff Application in writing, with a self-addressed stamped envelope, from one of the Conference Committee Lead Advisers.


All NOAC support staff members will be required to have the National OA Director's approval, along with their Scout Executive, Lodge Adviser, and Conference Committee Lead Adviser's approval, before they will be sent a 'Letter Of Assignment And Confirmation' of their selection to the conference committee support staff.

The deadline for submitting a 1998 NOAC support staff application to a Conference Committee Lead Adviser is February 1, 1998.

A more detailed description of the process is given below.

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Detailed NOAC Staff Application Process

  1. All Arrowmen interested in serving on the NOAC Support Staff should secure a Support Staff Application by writing, with a self-addressed stamped envelope, to one of the Conference Committee Lead Advisers.

  2. Applicants complete the support staff application, and attach to it a detailed description of their qualifications in the conference areas in which they have specific interest. Signatures of the local Scout Executive and Lodge Adviser are required. The deadline for submitting a NOAC Support Staff Application to a Conference Committee Lead Adviser is February 1, 1998.

  3. Applicants return the support staff application to the Lead Adviser of the committee on which the applicant wishes to serve.

  4. The Lead Adviser will review the application and either approve or reject the applicant.

    If approved, the Lead Adviser signs the original application, specifies the arrival date and first meal, and forwards the completed application to the National Director for final review.

    If not selected, the Lead Adviser notes the rejection on the application and forwards it to the National Office to go into the Staffing Pool . If an applicant is not selected for a particular committee, but can be recommended for a position on another committee, the Lead Adviser may forward the application directly to another Lead Adviser for additional consideration prior to placement in the Staffing Pool.

  5. The National Director reviews all applications and authorizes final approval of all support staff. Upon final approval the National Director sends a Letter of Assignment and Confirmation to the applicant and notifies the Lead Adviser of the applicant's approval.

  6. Those applicants not selected to serve on the support staff are notified in writing by the National Director. These letters are sent after all staff positions are filled or by May 1, 1998, whichever occurs first.

Staffing Pool

Applicants not selected for support staff in their first area of interest are placed in the Staffing Pool maintained by the National Director. Some staff positions can be filled by individuals with limited or no prior experience. All of the Conference Committee Lead Advisers may review applications and select staff from the Staffing Pool in order to fill their staff.

When an applicant is chosen from the Staffing Pool, the Lead Adviser usually contacts the applicant to confirm the applicant's interest in the position available. Once an applicant's interest is confirmed, the approval process continues as outlined above.

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1998 Conference Committee Lead Advisers

Note: This page was for the 1998 NOAC. Go to 2000 NOAC Staff Information

(For more information on each committee's responsibilities, see the National Conference Organizational Structure .)

Gene Schnell

Administrative Services:
Ken Davis

American Indian Activities:
David Shettles

Inductions and Ceremonial Events:
Del Loder

Communications and Public Relations:
Bob Szczys

Financial Services:
Carl Marchetti

Health and Safety Services:
Dr. Wayne Farnsworth

William Ketron

Service Lodge:
R. D. Dunkin

Bruce Sanders

Special Events:
Matt Walker

The Outdoor Adventure Place (TOAP):
Dan Segersin

Trading Post:
Glenn Ault, MD

Mike Hoffman

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