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NOAC 1998 Dates and Location

      The 1998 National Order of the Arrow Conference   will begin with dinner on Sunday, August 2nd, and end before lunch on Thursday, August 6th, at Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa.   Lodge contingents are to arrive at the campus no later than 5:00 pm on Sunday, August 2nd.  This will be the first NOAC held at ISU.  Nearly 7,000 Arrowmen are expected to attend.

Welcome to Iowa State University

     Iowa State University is where George Washington Carver, who discovered hundreds of uses for the peanut and other crops, learned about science and agriculture. Where Carrie Chapman Catt, who would lead American women to the ballot box, organized a female military drill unit. Where John Vincent Atanasoff, a physics and math professor, invented the first electronic digital computer.

      Iowa State University is a major research university located on a lush, sprawling campus in Ames, Iowa. The university got its start more than a century ago as one of the nation's first land-grant universities dedicated to the idea that higher education ought to be open to all, practical and shared with people outside the campus.

      Iowa State grew from agricultural roots and has a long-standing well-earned reputation for scientific and technological advances in agriculture, veterinary medicine, home economics, science and engineering. Over the past century, it has grown into a research university of international stature, with excellent programs not only in scientific and technical fields, but in the humanities and arts as well.

      Teaching is one of the most important things Iowa State does and it's always looking to do better. Improving undergraduate education is Iowa State's top goal over the next few years, and the university is backing that goal with an investment of $10 million in reallocated and new funds.

The Basics
President: Martin C. Jischke
Colleges: Agriculture, Business,Design, Education, Engineering, Family and Consumer Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, Veterinary Medicine, Graduate
Number of students: 25,384 (fall 1997)
Number of faculty and staff: 6,087

(This section copyright © 1997 by Iowa State University, all rights reserved, and used by permission. For more information on ISU, please visit their website

Ames Information

      Ames is a university community with over 1,000 businesses combining resources with Iowa State University. This partnership created a dynamic destination capable of hosting over 20,000 visitors attending Odyssey of the Mind for one week in June -- world-class artists presenting stadium concerts that attract over 50,000 fans -- and diverse conventions and conferences year round.

      Centrally located in the Midwest and Iowa, Ames is easily accessed by transcontinental US Highways 30 and 69, as well as Interstate 35. The Des Moines International Airport is located 45 minutes south of Ames and is served by major commercial airlines. The Ames Municipal Airport is located south of Highway 30 and receives small aircraft, including corporate jets.

     What makes Ames such an attractive destination? Could be the ethnic diversity of our community. Or, the safety of Ames, providing a great learning environment. Or, the people, with Iowa State University and the Ames community providing a wealth of expertise to enrich any gathering. Or, it could be that the entire Ames community is working hard to be, "Where the world meets!"

(This section copyright © 1997 by the Ames Convention and Visitor's Brueau, all rights reserved, and used by permission. For more information on Ames, please visit their website.)

Revised 6/13/98

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