Remote Delegate Opportunities


Do you know Arrowmen in your lodge busy working a summer job that won’t let them attend NOAC in person? Do you know they can still experience the Conference? The Remote Delegate Program allows Arrowmen to engage in NOAC, while still at home! Remote Delegates will join fellow Arrowmen from around the country and experience the Conference with unique experiences only offered to remote delegates. 

Remote delegates will get a unique conference experience! They will be able to attend “meet the man” sessions with the national officers only available to remote delegates. They will also be able to access “pre-shows”, shows, training, and activities live streams. Remote delegates will even get a virtual tour of the NOAC museum!

Although they are still considered a part of a lodge’s contingent (along with delegates and staff), one of the best parts of the remote delegate experience is the unique patch only given to remote delegates! More information on the remote delegate program can be found here. Please share this information with your fellow lodge members! The more Arrowmen that get to Step Up, Step Forward and experience NOAC, the better! Registration is open at