NOAC 2020 Patch & Memorabilia Auction


Calling all lodge leaders! At NOAC 2020, the conference will be home to a Patch & Scouting Memorabilia Auction. The auction will happen in three parts; an online auction, a silent auction, and a live auction! The proceeds from the auction will be completely allocated toward Order of the Arrow programs for youth Arrowmen

The Order of the Arrow is calling on you to #StepupStepForward and contribute to the auction. The Patch & Memorabilia Auction Committee is kindly requesting that each lodge donate one of their NOAC 2020 Flap sets to the auction. In addition, we are accepting any donations of Scouting Memorabilia, Collectibles, Lodge Flaps, and contingent flaps from past conferences. Remember, all donations benefit the youth Arrowmen of the Order of the Arrow!

Not only can lodges donate items to the auction, but individuals can too! Please spread this information to members of your lodge, who can donate by following the same directions below! 

It is preferred that all patches and memorabilia be submitted by mail prior to the conference. However, donations will be accepted last minute at the event. Auction items should be mailed before June 19th, 2020 to: 

Ray Capp

9 Warwick Ln

Nashville, TN 37205

Those who wish to donate their item at NOAC should visit the Patch and Memorabilia Office. We are excited to see what your lodge contributes to the auction! The more donations, the more the Order of the Arrow can provide excellent programs to youth Arrowmen.