Ceremonies @ NOAC: Competitions, Symposiums, and More!


Calling all lodge leaders and ceremonialists! Ceremonial evaluations at NOAC have been updated for 2020, and we encourage every lodge to put a team forth. Think your ceremonies team is the best of the best? Submit an Exemplar video to potentially be recognized as an Exemplar team and possibly be featured in future national OA ceremonial resources.

These updated evaluation criteria are not a competition, but rather high-quality training devoted to helping ceremonialists of all levels execute consistent, quality ceremonies in their lodge. With that in mind, a new recognition program has been adopted to recognize both Quality and Honor teams.

For experienced ceremonialists, the Exemplar program recognizes the best ceremony teams in the nation. Teams must submit a video of their ceremony (pre-Ordeal or Brotherhood) to be reviewed by Ceremony Evaluators prior to NOAC. These evaluators will select teams from those videos for Exemplar demonstration and evaluation at NOAC. Be sure to check out the NOAC Ceremonial Recognition Program Guidelines if you plan to participate.

In addition to these exciting evaluation opportunities for ceremonialists, the Inductions and Ceremonies committee will be hosting two symposiums at the Conference. The first, Ignite the Spark: Symposium on Call Out Ceremonies, will allow you to share what your lodge does to enhance the induction experience before candidates become members. In order to participate, take a video of your Call-Out Ceremony and send it to calloutsymposium@oa-bsa.org. The second symposium being offered will focus on Unit Elections and will give Arrowmen the chance to share what they do to plan and conduct successful and effective Unit Elections.  Be sure to register for these trainings in NOAERS, before they fill up!