Arrowmen Conservation School


Are you interested in conservation? Looking for hands-on, interactive training? Look no farther than Arrowmen Conservation School at the 2020 National Order of the Arrow Conference. 

Arrowmen Conservation School (ACS) will teach Arrowmen how to lead conservation projects through hands-on experience. Course participants will apply these skills in their home lodges, chapters, troops, and communities. Arrowmen Conservation School will offer two courses: ACS Level 1 and ACS Level 2. Participants in Level 2 must have previously earned the Level 1 Arrowman Conservation School Certification.

The first day of either level of Arrowmen Conservation School is a full-day, classroom training. Training will focus on the principles, techniques, and tools of trail construction and other conservation projects. For ACS Level 1, the second day will consist of a hands-on experience where they will participate in an off-campus conservation project. Participants in ACS Level 2 will develop their leadership and conservation skills for two full days, also on a project off-campus.
To take advantage of this fantastic opportunity, sign up for Arrowmen Conservation School Level 1 or 2 in NOAERS today!