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Seeking the Summit

On Saturday, July 31, 1999, over 900 participants and over 200 staff members arrived at Colorado State University (CSU).  CSU is located in Fort Collins, Colorado, 65 miles north of Denver.  Nearby national forests and parks offer outdoor activities ranging from camping and fishing to river-rafting and hiking.  At an elevation of 5,000 feet above sea level, Fort Collins enjoys a mostly dry climate throughout the year.

CSU was founded in 1870 as the Agricultural College of Colorado, six years before Colorado became a state.  The university provides a dynamic system of four campuses to serve its student body of 20,000.  Designated as the state's land-grant institution, the university's primary mission includes instruction, research, and public service.

The arrival of 1,117 Arrowmen at CSU was a historical moment.  This was the first time that a national gathering of key lodge, section, and national leaders has taken place in the Order.  The importance of this event is to communicate the new Strategic Plan to the lodge and section leadership.  It is these people who will take the plan back to the lodge and council and present the new vision of the Order.  Thousands of hours have been spent in preparation for this event, as staff members prepared presentations and hand outs for the different training sessions.

Four main areas were chosen as the focus of the Summit:

All lodges and sections leaders attend these sessions on Sunday and Monday mornings.  There are also 19 other sessions being held that discuss additional topics in the Strategic Plan.  These sessions are held in the afternoon and each participant is able to attend 8 of them.

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