NOAC Training is filled with plenty of new opportunities to train the Arrowmen of today and those who will be chosen to lead into tomorrow.  No matter what job you have in your chapter or lodge, NOAC will have cutting edge training sessions that will help you be more effective in your role. During the first three full days of the conference, Arrowmen attend training sessions each morning and Arrowmen can participate in established tracks focusing on sessions such as the basics of Chapter and Lodge operations, planning, service, and new technologies and leadership methods that will continue to shape your Lodge.

There will be special NOAC trainings such as the National Council of Chiefs meeting and a Project 2013 Corps training for the 2013 National Scout Jamboree Order of the Arrow staff. Don’t miss the great opportunities we have for you, provided by nothing short of the best trainers from around the country. Come to NOAC and discover so much more!

Revised 8/6/2011