Special Events

OA Museum

Are you into history? Do you want to learn about the history of the Order of the Arrow and Scouting? Then the OA Museum is right up your alley. Exhibits include artifacts from each era including Scout uniforms and insignia, Baden Powell and Goodman memorabilia, OA sashes, literature, pictures, BSA awards, etc. There will also be a separate room that display’s the history of every Lodge across the nation.

In addition to these exhibits, Arrowmen will have a chance to record their own personal history and put it on display in the museum during the Conference. The purpose of this is to help prepare a more comprehensive history of our Order that can be put on display during the 2015 NOAC, the 100th anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.

The Order of the Arrow museum will host special events and gatherings during the conference. This OA museum is inspirational, historical, exciting, personal, and interactive.

VIA Luncheon

The Very Important Arrowman (VIA) is a gathering of the current lodge leadership and the future lodge leadership. The VIA Luncheon has been at NOAC for many years, and is a way for current and future leaders of the Order to be inspired, and to talk about the direction of the Order and to get to know one another. Among the highlights of the luncheon is a chance to meet and take pictures with the national officers. Each lodge will receive an invitation for the lodge chief and one other Arrowman to the VIA Luncheon.