Grab Your Smart Phone and Participate in the Munzee Legacy

A new social scavenger hunt is coming to NOAC 2012! Regions, sections, lodges and Arrowman will be competing during the conference to see who can earn the most points and win fabulous prizes through the Munzee Legacy game!!!

Arrowmen earn points by capturing munzees, which are special QR codes that need to be scanned with a smart phone and the Munzee App. Munzees will be found around the campus of Michigan State University as you attend conference events. Also, each participant will receive a personal munzee in your registration packet that may be shared with other guests which will lead to more points.

To participate in the Munzee Legacy, Arrowmen need a smart phone and the Munzee App. The Munzee App is a free download. It is best to download the app before arriving on campus.

Reminder to Arrowmen with an iPhone: you will need to install the Munzee App through iTunes and using the iPhone data cable.


Steps to Get Started with Munzee

  1. You need a smart phone (iPhone 3GS or higher with iOS 5, or Android).
  2. Next you need to download and install the appropriate app for your phone.
    1. If you have challenges installing the Munzee App, please contact the Munzee staff at support@munzee.com


  3. Launch the Munzee App
  4.  An account has already been creaetd for you!  Simply log in with the username and password used with the NOAC Registration system.
    1. If your password does not work, reset your munzee password here:
  5. Once the Munzee App launches, press the Capture button and test the App by scanning the barcode below:

That is it!  You are all set to start earning points when you arrive on campus.  Good luck!!!

Revised 7/25/2012