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ISCA to host Trade-O-Ree Prior to NOAC 2012
Posted by International Scouting Collectors Association - March 28, 2012

The biggest Scout memorabilia show of the year is coming NOAC this summer. Lodge contingents that are arriving a little early should plan to come to the International Scouting Collectors Association sponsored trade-o-ree. Admission is free and all lodges are offered a FREE area each day to sell lodge memorabilia to help defray some of their NOAC costs. The trade-o-ree starts on the Friday before NOAC and goes through Monday afternoon, the registration day.

In addition to the over 300 tables of Scout and OA memorabilia available for purchase and/or trade, memorabilia training classes and seminars will be offered on Saturday, Sunday and Monday.

So what is a trade-o-ree? It is an event where people buy, sell and trade all kinds of Boy Scout memorabilia. It is a great place to acquire items, meet and establish new friends and learn about the hobby of collecting OA and Scouting memorabilia.

The trade-o-ree will be in the air conditioned ice hockey arena as follows: Friday, July 27th (3:00 PM - 11:30PM), Saturday, July 28th (8:00 AM - 11:30 PM), Sunday, July 29th (8:00 AM - 11:30 PM and Monday, July 30th (8:00 AM - 4:00 PM). Early arrivers may reserve motel rooms using special trade-o-ree block rates. See the list of motels available on the ISCA website.

For all of the details, check the ISCA website: www.ScoutTrader.org

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Revised 3/28/2012