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A Call for Lodge Displays at the NOAC 2012 Museum
Posted by NOAC Museum Committee- March 26, 2012

museumDoes your lodge have a story? Does your lodge conduct service at your local camp? Does your lodge hold fellowship weekends? Does your lodge have a scrapbook or compiled record? Answer: of course you do! So why not tell it! Enter the Lodge Display Competition at NOAC 2012 and share your lodge history!

Register today for the Lodge Display Competition as part of the 2012 NOAC Museum.
Through constructing an exhibit, you are given the unique chance to tell the legacy of your brotherhood, of your service and of your history.

Exhibits will be on display throughout the conference and will be judged based on criteria found in the application form. Included in the application are more details on logistics and the process of constructing a lodge exhibit for show.

Please contact us at NOACMuseum@gmail.com if you have any questions. Once an application is received, we will confirm with the lodge and inquire as to any assistance you might need.

Application Deadline: May 1, 2012
Application: Download the Application by Clicking here (PDF 693K bytes)
Theme: "United, We Leave a Legacy."
Please submit to: NOACMuseum@gmail.com

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Revised 4/04/2012