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NOAC Training to Inspire!
Posted by NOAC Training Committee - January 22, 2012

The NOAC Training committee is excited to bring you an unparalleled training experience this summer at Michigan State University! The nation's best trainers will bring you top-notch classes that can only be experienced at NOAC. They will fuel your knowledge, excitement, and drive for our Order. With courses in Outdoor Adventure to ceremonies and evaluations, Leadership Summits to national level communications, there is something for everyone! Imagine conclave training on steroids, and you have this year's NOAC Training Experience!

We've teamed up with the other NOAC committees to broaden the range of courses we offer and provide hands-on, practical training that you can take home and use in your lodges and chapters. We will also bring you a new experience called the Summits! These will be unique forums will bring youth and adults, both separately and together, to discuss common issues, practices, goals, and ideas from around the nation!

Don't miss out on NOAC, a once-in-a-lifetime experience! Stay tuned each month for an update on a new part of the incredible training experience coming this summer. The best trained Arrowmen leave the strongest legacies, what's yours?

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Revised 1/22/2012