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Ready. Set. Action! NOAC 2012 Film Fest
Posted by National Promotions Team - January 22, 2012

Live on the set! Quiet everyone. Ready. Set. Action! United, we leave a legacy is the theme of the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference and the National Promotions Team is looking for  chapters, lodges, and sections to submit what the theme means to them while promoting NOAC 2012.

Introduction: Does your lodge use videos as promotional tools? Want to show off your skills as a short film director? Do you like sharing your excitement about NOAC 2012? If so, be sure to enter a film in the NOAC 2012 Promotional Film Contest!

Requirements: Beginning January 15, 2012, lodges can submit NOAC 2012 promotional videos by posting the videos to YouTube and submitting the Youtube URL via http://tiny.cc/noac2012film. Videos should be no more than 3 minutes in length, the purpose of which should be promotion of NOAC within your chapter, lodge, or section. It can highlight the activities at NOAC, play on this year’s theme of “United, we leave a legacy,” or take another direction of your choosing, as long as it promotes NOAC.  Be sure to include a credits reel listing those who worked on the project. All videos should be uploaded by March 31, 2012. Then, all submissions will be judged by the National Promotions Team on the criteria of: video/technical quality, message effectiveness, and originality.

Recognition: Each submitting team will receive a NOAC 2012 Promotional Film Contest patch as recognition for participating. Winners’ videos will be featured on the Order of the Arrow Facebook page (facebook.com/oabsa), Twitter feed (twitter.com/oabsa), YouTube page (youtube.com/user/oabsa), and in the NOAC Blog at event.oa-bsa.org. The top three winners will receive an additional prize to be announced at NOAC.

Need assistance: Does your lodge need help recruiting Arrowmen to join your lodge contingent? Send an email to nept@oa-bsa.org and share the methods your lodge has already used to recruit Arrowmen for the lodge contingent with us. A member of the National Promotions Team will respond with additional ideas for your lodge recruitment.

NOAC 2012 Road Kit: Download the NOAC 2012 Road Kit from www.event.oa-bsa.org. The NOAC 2012 Road Kit has promotional resources for your lodge to utilize in your contingent recruitment.

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Revised 1/22/2012