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Conference Life at NOAC 2012
Posted by National Promotions Team- January 18, 2012

When the 2012 National Order of the Arrow Conference (NOAC) begins on July 30th, 8,000 Arrowmen will descend on Michigan State University (MSU). Beginning at the national planning meeting and continuing over the next months, the Spartan Hospitality Group at MSU will work with the NOAC planning committee to ensure the needs of all guests will be met. From housing to food to getting around, MSU and the planning committee have you covered. Now, let’s get a run-down of what to expect on site.

Arrowmen will be housed on-campus in the residence halls. MSU’s halls include community and suite-style rooms. Community-style includes rows of rooms with community bathrooms on each floor. Suite-style halls consist of sets of two rooms linked by a bathroom. Single-occupancy rooms may be available for contingent leaders. Rooms include a bunk bed, desk, chair, and dresser for each guest. Linens, a blanket, and pillow are also provided. While many items are included, you still have to bring a few things. Find a suggested packing list here, and keep an eye out for updates to the list as we approach NOAC.

Parents, don’t worry; all will be fed well at NOAC. Dining at Michigan State is located near your residence hall. In fact, some of the residence halls actually have dining halls built in; you don’t even have to go outside! For those who must, the walk won’t be far; you’ll be able to save energy for exploring all of the awesome activities at NOAC! MSU’s award-winning culinary service will begin at dinner on Monday, July 30th, and will provide all meals until you leave Saturday morning.

MSU is a big place, providing lots of room for recreation, vendors, competitions, shows, and a ton of other activities. To help navigate, there are several tools available to you. First, you’ll get a map including important locations when you check in. Need further directions, the time of the evening show, or the location of an activity? The Communications committee has you covered. Look for their information booths around campus for expert guidance. The final tool is the bus system. Buses will run during the conference to help you get across campus and to that competition or training session on-time.

Now you know a little of what to expect from life at Michigan State while you’re at NOAC 2012. But, where you’ll sleep and eat is only a tiny fraction of what you’ll experience while at the conference. Check out event.oa-bsa.org for continued updates.

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Revised 1/18/2012