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ARC will host lodge competitions, recreation, and the Grand Hodag
Posted by Taylor Blanc, CVC of Activities and Recreation, February 21, 2012

Looking for the fun you can have at NOAC 2012? Look no further as the Activities and Recreation Committee (ARC) is planning entertaining and competitive activities for you and your lodge. From dodge ball to basketball, ping pong to golf, the ARC committee at NOAC will make sure that you have the time of your life at MSU. The ARC committee is split into 4 areas, Activities, Recreation, Competitions, and the Grand Hodag.

The Activities subcommittee is planning events that all can participate in, like relay races, movies, and other events, so that when you’re done with classes for the day, there will always be a fun activity for you in the afternoon.  The Recreation subcommittee is in charge of making sure at the end of the day the guests can kick back and play some pick-up basketball or a game of cards.

The competitions are what you have been waiting for, right? This is where you, the guests, can compete against Arrowmen from all over the country. This subcommittee has been making brackets and seeing what events would draw guests to participate the most. Lastly, the ARC committee is planning the world renowned Grand Hodag which is a night of fun and games for all to enjoy. The Hodag will bring together Scouts from all over the country to one place for a great night of fun and fellowship.

ARC for NOAC 2012   is preparing for your arrival at Michigan State University. The committee wants to be sure that you are excited at NOAC. There won’t be too much free time with all of the cool ARC activities.

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Revised 2/21/2012