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Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
Goals & Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference
NOAC Film Fest
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The Power of One Cell Phone
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Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

James Tarbox - Conference Vice Chief
Ryan Easterling - Youth Tech Director
Mike Mahanes - Youth Stage Director

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Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

Max Sasseen - Lead Adviser

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Goals & Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference:

The Shows Committee will put on spectacular performances during NOAC. NOAC shows are a definite highlight for any Arrowmen attending NOAC. There will be four great, professional shows:

  • The Opening Show - This occurs opening night of NOAC, and sets the stage for the rest of the week by welcoming all Arrowmen to NOAC.
  • Awards and Recognition Show - This show recognizes all of the national awards recipients this year.
  • American Indian Activity Show - This show highlights the Native American tradition of the Order of the Arrow, including Native American dances: Traditional, Old Style, Fancy, Grass, and group dances
  • Theme Show - This show highlights the NOAC 2009 theme, "The Power of One" in a great performance.

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NOAC Film Fest

Do you have an interest in making movies? Ever wanted to share your interest with someone else? Want to have your video on-screen at NOAC? If you answered "yes" to any of these three questions, then the NOAC Short Film Competition is for you. Join Arrowmen from around the country in this exciting competition to vie for the best NOAC short film. For more information, please visit http://www.noacshowsfest.com. We hope to see your film! And if we like it, we’ll show it to a few other people . . . like all of NOAC!

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In the opening show at NOAC, you have the opportunity to be part of the “flap parade” of every lodge. The Shows Committee would like all lodges to make a sturdy cardboard, plywood, fabric or fiberboard flap (painted, lighted, neon, glowing, laser-breathing, whatever) to the dimensions of approx 5’ wide by 3’ high mounted on a 6’ pole handle (see PDF below). This flap will be carried in the opening show at NOAC by one of your lodge members. Select one youth representative from your lodge to carry and display your lodge flap. Have him report to Assembly Hall on Saturday evening at 6:30 pm in full uniform. The flap will be his early admission ticket. Only one flap and one Scout per lodge – one per person, no trade! (Don’t make a flap 2 people have to carry – not allowed. Don’t dress your Scout in a mascot outfit – Scout uniform only.)

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The POWER OF ONE Cell Phone

The power to communicate. The power to share. We’re gonna text you! Advise everyone attending NOAC to bring a cell phone. It isn’t required, but if you have one be sure to bring it along. Cell texting will be an integrated part of the NOAC experience beginning Saturday night with the opening show! If you keep your cell charged, we’ll keep you charged!

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Documents/Competition Rules:

Gian Lodge Flap Instructions

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Revised 3/31/2009


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