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Communications - More Details

Arrowman Press Corps - Description

If you are an aspiring journalist or photographer, or you just want something to put in the paper about your time at NOAC, the Arrowman Press Corps can give you the special access to NOAC that will help you share your experience with the folks back home. The Press Corps is open to any Arrowman, young or old, whether you are an experienced writer or hoping to pen your first story for your local newspaper or radio station. As a Press Corps member, you will get access to press releases and photos of the conference, and help writing and submitting your stories to your local media contact. Several events are also planned, including a backstage tour of the NOAC shows and opportunities to interview some of the conference’s VIP guests. You can be as active with the Press Corps as you want, and still have time to experience the rest of NOAC.

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Lodge Newsletter Competition - Description

Does your lodge work diligently to put together a top notch newsletter? Something that all lodge members can use to get the most up-to-date information on what's happening? Ever wonder how your newsletter holds up against others in the nation? Here's your chance to submit your hard work!! Submit your lodge newsletter to the NOAC Communications Committee to be judged and reviewed against others in our Order.

How can you get in on the competition? It's easy! Simply email a PDF document of 3 your best lodge newsletters that were published within the last 18 months to Thecornerstone@gmail.com, and our committee will judge which newsletters are the best of the best in the Order of the Arrow!! Submit your newsletters by July 1, 2009.

Results will be printed in The CornerstONE at NOAC. Lodges will also have the chance to stop by The CornerstONE office at NOAC to receive feedback on how they can make their newsletters as effective as possible.

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Lodge Web Site Competition - Description

A National OA Conference is about having a great time, and also learning new ideas and skills to take back home and improve your lodge. Lodge Web Sites play an integral part in your lodge's communication with both members and non-members. Your lodge's presence on the web needs to be up to date, accurate, and follow the guidelines for OA web pages.

The purpose of the Lodge Web Site Competition is to foster new ideas and give positive feedback on your lodge's web site by experienced web authors. Winning lodges will receive an exclusive "NOAC 2009 Honor Site" logo to be displayed on their site. Web sites in the competition will be judged on three basic principles:

  • Perception (Layout, Design, Navigation)
  • Information (Current data, Council/Lodge Information, Contact Information, Organized)
  • General (Web site follows national OA web site guidelines, has links to appropriate Section/Region/National sites)

The following are the key points of the 2009 NOAC Web Competition:

  • Lodges entering the competition must provide the URL for their web site and the email address and phone number of a contact person age 18 or older who is available during the judging period to answer any questions about the site.
  • Web sites will be judged at random times from July 1st to July 26th.
  • Each lodge's results will be available at the Web Site booth during Founder's Day. Summary results will also be posted on the national OA web site.

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