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NOAC 2004, Iowa State University, July 31 - August 5, 2004

2004 NOAC Leaders

The following are the Conference Leaders for NOAC 2002. Additional information is available on NOAC Conference Organization.

National Conference Committee Leadership

National Chief Jeff Hayward
National Vice Chief David Dowty
Conference Program Chairman Matt Walker
Conference Staff Adviser Clyde Mayer


Committees Leadership

Activities and Recreation
      Conf. Vice Chief: Jared Davis
      Lead Adviser:
R.D. Dunkin
American Indian Activities
      Conf. Vice Chief: Marcus Bailey
      Lead Adviser:
Ron Bell
Extreme High Adventure
      Conf. Vice Chief: Earl Blackburn III
      Lead Adviser:
Marc Circus
      Conf. Vice Chief: Andrew Kuhlmann
      Lead Adviser:
Robert F. Szczys
Founders' Day
      Conf. Vice Chief: Sven Gilkey
      Lead Adviser:
J. Dan McCarthy
High Adventure Expo and Training
      Conf. Vice Chief: Jarrod Hunt
      Lead Adviser:
Bruce Walcutt
Inductions and Ceremonial Events
      Conf. Vice Chief: Seth Mollitt
      Lead Adviser:
Terry Honan
Region Chiefs
      Central Region Chief: Joe Sadewasser
      Northeast Region Chief: Ed Lynes
      Southern Region Chief: Seth Dearmin
      Western Region Chief: Matthew Griffis
      Lead Adviser: Tom Reddin
      Conf. Vice Chief: Mark Bicket
      Lead Adviser:
Max Sasseen
Special Events
      Conf. Vice Chief: R. C. Hartman
      Lead Adviser:
Tom Moore
The Outdoor Adventure Place (TOAP)
      Conf. Vice Chief: Steven Henry
      Lead Adviser:
Bob Westmyer
      Conf. Vice Chief: Gil Rogers
      Lead Adviser:
Mike Hoffman
Administrative Services
      Lead Adviser:
Jim Simpson
Financial Services
      Lead Adviser:
Glen Ault
Information Technology
      Lead Adviser:
Bob Sirhal
Trading Post
      Lead Adviser:
Glen Ault



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