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NOAC 2004, Iowa State University, July 31 - August 5, 2004

Q/A: Separate Travel

Q: Can I register with my Lodge, but travel to NOAC 2002 on my own, instead of travelling with my Lodge?

A: All participants at NOAC must register through their lodge and attend as part of a lodge contingent. (NOAC staff members register separately and may travel separately.) Travel arrangements to and from the conference are left up to the individual lodge contingent.

Most contingents travel as a group to better follow BSA policies, avoid confusion and problems, and build fellowship and team spirit.

If your lodge wishes to allow you to travel separately, they could. You would need to arrange to meet them just before arriving at NOAC, as the registration is done as a full lodge contingent.

Talk with your lodge NOAC contingent adviser to see what your lodge will allow.








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Revised 2/28/04