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NOAC 2004

NOAC 2004 Short-Film Competition

Cinematography Merit Badge

NOTE: This contest has expired.

Do you have the Cinematography Merit Badge? Are you a budding Steven Spielberg, Quentin Tarantino, or Peter Jackson?

Either way, you can enter to win the opportunity to have your work shown at a NOAC Show and get great seats for your lodge. The 2004 NOAC Shows Committee is sponsoring a short-film competition. Here are all the details:

  1. Any individual Arrowmen may enter a video short in the contest, whether attending NOAC or not.
  2. Video short must be between 30 seconds and 2 minutes.
  3. Video short must be submitted in one of the following formats: DV, Mini-DV, or Digital-8.
  4. The title of the short must be chosen from the list below and included in the short:
    • "No Sash, No Flap, No Service."
    • "Safeguard This Pamphlet"
    • "Chosen to (fill in the blank); Inspired to (fill in the blank)"
  5. Submissions will be judged on each of the following criteria (not listed in any priority):
    • Overall quality
    • Relation to title
    • Creativity
    • Humor (relatively consistent with Boy Scouting values)
  6. An individual or lodge may submit multiple entries, but can win "great show seats" only once.
  7. Submissions must be postmarked by July 1, 2004, and each submission must clearly identify the name, address, lodge name, and telephone number of the "director."
  8. Winners will be announced at NOAC. Selected submissions may be shown at a NOAC Show. The lodge contingent of all winners will receive front row seats at a NOAC Show.
  9. Submissions will not be returned. Please copy before submitting.
  10. Submission of a short constitutes express authorization for the showing of same at NOAC.
  11. Direct all questions to Mark Bicket, Conference Vice Chief for Shows.



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Revised 09/08/04