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2004 NOAC Lodge Spirit Award

The 2004 NOAC Special Events Committee will again honor 20 lodges on Founder's Day as  recipients of the 2004 NOAC Lodge Spirit Award.  This award will challenge lodge contingents in the area of NOAC planning, participation, teamwork, and spirit.   Lodges desiring to be recognized are required to submit the online application in advance and participate in a number of NOAC team activities and special events, including a ceremonial or Native American team event, a team sports competition, a Very Important Arrowman (VIA) luncheon, and any of a number of other team competitions or opportunities.  (See the 2004 NOAC Lodge Spirit Award Criteria for more details.) 

Lodges are logistically challenged to gain validation of their single lodge scorecard at the various venues.  Weighted criteria for final scoring of the top 20 lodges will include meeting or exceeding the lodge's assigned NOAC quota based upon total 2003 charter year membership, the quality of the lodge display or booth in the OA Museum or Founder's Day Fair, and total percentage of Arrowmen in the contingent who earn the NOAC individual participation award.

The award is an elegant acrylic flame containing an etched NOAC logo that is suitable for permanent display.  Recipients will be recognized by the National Officers and Special Events Conference Vice-Chief R. C. Hartman at a special Founder's Day awards presentation at 4:00 p.m. on August 4, 2004 on the grounds of Iowa State University.

To be considered for this award, lodges need to pre-register for this competition online at the NOAC event registration web site.


2004 NOAC Lodge Spirit Award Criteria



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Revised 4/27/04.