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NOAC 2004 - Brotherhood Band & Brotherhood Chorus NOAC 2004

Brotherhood Band & Brotherhood Chorus

A time-honored tradition is the band and chorus at the national conference. It is a great opportunity for all Arrowmen with musical talent to perform with fellow Arrowmen from around the nation.

The Brotherhood Band and Brotherhood Chorus will conduct brief performances at functions such as the Very Important Arrowman luncheons, Distinguished Service Award recognition dinner, religious services, Founder's Day festival and other activities.

Any conference participant may sign-up for either the band or chorus but not both, and should recognize that they will be asked to devote time to practice and performing at NOAC. You should bring your instrument if you plan to play in the band.

Arrowmen who wish to participate in the Brotherhood Band or Chorus will need to attend as many of the practice sessions as possible. These practice sessions will primarily take place in the morning and will count toward fulfillment of the training requirements for the NOAC individual participation award.

Individuals need to pre-register for the Band or Chorus online at the NOAC event registration web site.




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Revised 05/25/04