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NOAC 2004

NOAC 2004 Call-Out Script Competition

The purpose of the Call-Out Script Competition is to provide lodges with useful comments from experienced ceremonialists on how to improve their Call-Out scripts. The top ceremonies will also be available for other lodges to view in the Appendix of The Guide to Inductions. Awards will be presented to the top three scripts.

Please note that this competition will be based only upon the written script submitted. A Call-Out team will not be evaluated as part of this competition.

Call-Out scripts should comply with the Guidelines for Call-Outs and include all the Key Call-Out elements listed below. The script will be disqualified from the competition if it does not comply with all nine elements.

Key Call-Out Elements: The key elements that should be included in all Call-Outs are:

  • Purpose of the Order of the Arrow
  • History of the Order of the Arrow in Scouting
  • History of the lodge
  • Reason for the selection of candidates
  • Recognition of candidates: calling-out each candidate's name, unit number and community
  • Challenge to Scouts that are non-members to strive to uphold the Scouting ideals that will lead to their selection for membership in the Order of the Arrow.
  • Presenting each candidate a letter of recognition and welcome from the Lodge Chief
  • Giving of the Scout handclasp
  • After the ceremony, distribute Spirit of the Arrow booklet 1 and provide information about all upcoming Ordeals to the candidates

In order to participate, a lodge must submit four (4) printed copies and one copy in Microsoft Word on a 3 ½ floppy disk of their Call-Out script. The copies must be delivered to the Inductions and Ceremonial Events (ICE) Committee office no later than noon on Sunday, August 1, 2004.

If you have questions about the Call-Out Script Competition, contact John Rotruck, Adviser for ICE Evaluations, at .




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Revised 02/29/04