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NOAC 2004

Founders' Day Committee

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
Goals & Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Sven Gilkey- Conference Vice Chief
Ross Armstrong - Goodman Games Chairman
Joe Riekena- Ceremonies/Parade Chairman
Leelen Park - Parade Chairman
Bryson Palmer - Founders Fair Chairman

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Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

J. Dan McCarthy - Lead Adviser
Doug Fullman - Staff Adviser
Tony Steinhart - Goodman Games Adviser
Del Loder - Ceremonies/Parade Adviser
Brian Hashiro - Founders Fair Adviser
Ken Davis - Administrative Support Coordinator
Barbara McFarland - Silk Screen Coordinator

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Goals & Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference:

Founders Day is a day of fun and excitement honoring the Founders of the Order of the Arrow. It is a day-long celebration that begins with an opening parade where regions and sections are encouraged to use their creative skills to decorate their own golf cart and join in as an entry in the parade. The parade will include both area and National entries that you won't want to miss.

The parade concludes at the Goodman Games field where a Founders Day opening ceremony will be conducted. Following the ceremony, the Goodman Games commence with lodge contingent teams competing during pre-registered time slots. While awaiting their assigned Goodman Games time slot, lodge contingents will be able to visit the TOAP site and enjoy stage performances scheduled throughout the morning.

In the afternoon, Founders Day shifts attention to the Founders' Fair area with a kickoff barbecue lunch. During the afternoon, participants will be able to visit lodge displays from across the country. This is always an inspiring and fun-filled event. Included will be inflatable games, a Pow-Wow coordinated by the American Indian Activities Committee, stage performances and an opportunity to silk screen your own T-shirt (bring a white T-shirt with you as you will not want to miss out on this one-of-a-kind Founders Day logo opportunity).

In the evening the Shows Committee will stage their final show to be followed by a Rededication Ceremony and a fireworks display. All in all, Founders Day will be an exciting event with surprises and fun for all. You will want to participate in all segments of the program, so sign-up early.

For those interested in joining gaining experience at NOAC staff members, the Founders Day Committee needs volunteers to sign up as Founders' Day Ambassadors These volunteers will help out throughout the day as Founders Day staff members and receive a special recognition as a result. If you are interested, be sure to sign up early. Only 170 volunteers are needed and selections will be made on a first-come first-served basis with consideration for spreading representation across as many lodges as possible.

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