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NOAC 2004

Team Singing Competition
Rules and Guidelines

Included in our program at the National Conference will be two competitions in Native American Singing. The competition will be divided into Northern Competition and Southern Competition.  It is our hope that this will encourage more groups to participate. A lodge may enter a team in each division. However, an individual singer may only sing with one group, either Southern or Northern but not both. In the view of the American Indian Activities should either competition have too few entries then the competitions will be combined. The competition will take place on Monday August 2, 2004. 

Singing must be done in team fashion. Teams will be required to sing two songs and are required to present written documentation on the songs during registration Saturday July 31, 2004. Registration will take place at the American Indian Activities booth at the Contingent registration site. 

Awards will be given to the top teams. The judging criteria shown below are guidelines that are subject to the interpretation of the judging committee. All judges decisions are final. 

Each lodge is required to provide its own drum and drum sticks. 

The following rules apply to both singing competitions: 

  1. All Singing will be done in a team fashion
  2. Written documentation is required for each song. Include where you obtained the song, what tribes use the song, any other pertinent information you have about the song.
  3. Teams are required to sing a general Pow wow song and a song for a special event or time. (Special songs are of the Flag, Veteran, or special competition - sneak up or Ponca Fancy - to name a few.
  4. Songs are restricted to Southern or Northern Plains music.
  5. Teams will be judged on authenticity and quality of presentation of songs.
  6. All singers must be under twenty-one (21) years of age, members of the same lodge, and a registered conference participant
  7. Each song must be two (2) to ten (10) minutes in length. Songs that violate this time allotment will be cause for disqualification.
  8. Teams must check in with the American Indian Activities Committee booth Saturday July 31, 2004.
  9. There will be a meeting of the Singing judges and a representative from each drum one half hour following the end of the Arena show on Sunday August 1, 2004 at a site to be announced during registration. A representative from each drum must be present at the meeting.
  10. Any questions concerning the Team Singing Competitions should be addressed to:  Team Singing Competition, 2025 Beaverdam Road, Williamston, SC 29697 or e-mail

Lodges need to pre-register for this event online at the NOAC event registration web site.



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Revised 4/29/04.