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NOAC 2004

NOAC 2004 Committees

Activities and Recreation
Responsible for staging a variety of activities, including: athletic competition, recreation activities, displays, movies, religious services.
American Indian Activities
Responsible for conducting the many and varied American Indian programs, including pageants, dance, singing and regalia competitions, and the American Indian show.
Oversees all community relations, hometown news, media contacts, VIP relations, information booths, radio station, and the NOAC Web site. Publishes the daily conference newsletter.
Extreme High Adventure
This committee is responsible for instructing and conducting the extreme high adventure programs at the conference (i.e. climbing, kayaking, scuba, etc.)
Founders' Day
Responsible for developing and providing leadership to the Founders' Day festival held on Wednesday, the last full day of the conference.
High Adventure Expo & Training
This committee is responsible for staging the conference High Adventure Expo where participants will learn about the latest technologies and equipment for high adventure activities.
Inductions and Ceremonial Events
This committee will help lodges improve the quality of their OA ceremonies (Ordeal, Brotherhood & Vigil). This includes staging techniques, presentation, memorization, and American Indian regalia.
National Council of Chiefs
Organizes and leads the National Council of Chiefs meeting held at the conference.
Region Chiefs
This committee is responsible for the Region Chiefs operations at the conference.
This committee is responsible for the development, production and staging of the Opening Show, Recognition Show, and Theme Show at the conference.
Special Events
Responsible for all special events and activities at the conference including programs for selected conference participants, special luncheons and dinners, OA museum, band and chorus, etc.
The Outdoor Adventure Place (TOAP)
This committee is responsible for the development, construction, and operation of the The Outdoor Adventure Place skills area.
This committee is responsible for developing and conducting more than 130 OA training programs and educational opportunities for both youth and adult participants.
Administrative Services
The support arm of the conference, providing for a variety of services, including registration, housing, food service, service lodge, transportation, security, health and safety, etc.
Financial Services
Responsible for oversight of daily financial and business operations of the conference.
Information Technology
Provides Information Technology services to the various other NOAC committees.
Trading Post
Responsible for the successful operation of the NOAC and Indian trading posts.


rev: 4/02/04