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Training Committee

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments
Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference
What Makes Training So Great

Key Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Ed Clifford - Conference Vice Chief
Peter Keayes - Central Region Coordinator
Gil Rogers - Northeast Region Coordinator
Josh Gagnon - Western Region Coordinator
Bob Crume - Southern Region Coordinator
Brian Stock - Needs and Logistics

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Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

Mike Hoffman - Lead Adviser
Ken Peterson - Central Region
Bob Sirhal - Northeast Region
Scott Beckett - Western Region
Bud Harrelson - Southern Region
Clint Takeshita - Needs and Logistics

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Preliminary Program Plans for the Conference:

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What Makes Training So Great:

Arrowmen will find innovative and exciting training programs at NOAC. We are featuring a number of phenomenal programs including Train the Trainer, NLS II, Program Innovation, Leadership Development, and Service Minded Cells.

These programs will benefit Arrowmen by increasing awareness of opportunities for leadership and service within the Order, as well as giving them the tools they need to execute excellent programs. The benefits further abound because Arrowmen can engage and interact with some of the best trainers the Order of the Arrow has to offer, while meeting other Arrowmen from around the nation.

The advantages of being a NOAC Trained Arrowman are immense. By being trained at NOAC, Arrowmen have the opportunity to be certified NOAC Trained, which means that these Arrowmen are invaluable tool and indispensable resource to lodges, sections, councils, units, Scouts, and Scouters.

During the Conference, the Training Committee staff will:

The Training Committee will educate Arrowmen with useful up-to-date information. With a vast array of training cells and sessions, all Arrowmen at the conference will have an opportunity to take the training home and use it in their everyday life.

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