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Open Recreation

Saturday offered open recreation activities for Arrowmen after getting registered for an action-packed week of NOAC.  Basketball, volleyball, billiards, and bowling were refreshing options for travel-weary participants.

Members play basketball at HPER. Basketball is harder work then riding a bus but a lot more fun. Just ask members of lodges Miwok, Alibamu, and Woa Cholena.  They got into a pick-up game of 5-on-5 in the Health Physical Education and Recreation (HPER) building in the mid-afternoon.  A free-throw shooting contest was on for every Arrowman that wanted to participate.  The record was 13 in a row.  Could you have beaten that?  Maybe next time!

Volleyball was another afternoon past-time for enthusiastic participants.  Witauchsoman members were just a few that enjoyed volleyball in the HPER Building.  Other lodges came and went as the opening show quickly approached.

Volleyball at HPER.

Going for the center pocket. After the opening show, a slower-paced billiards game of skill and a little luck offered some intra-lodge competition. Tuckahoe lodge members played billiards in pairs in the Indiana Memorial Union (IMU).

Just down the hall in the IMU is the campus bowling alley. Nothing relieves the stress of a long day like rolling a big ball down the lane in a relaxing game of bowling. Four members of Witauchsoman threw strikes, spares, and even a few gutters as they pondered the upcoming events of NOAC!

Watching the roll for results.

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