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The Opening Show

Arrowmen enter arena for Opening Show. "Test yourself and so discover"....these were the words that resonated through the arena as the National Officers made their entrance....the opening show was awesome! There was nothing but thrills, starting with our national anthem through the chorus of patriotic songs and fireworks in the finale. About 7,500 Arrowmen were on hand for the Opening Show of NOAC 2002.
The show began as two Native Americans ceremonially reminded us of our obligation to recognize our national officers.  National Vice Chief Riley Berg was introduced and the eagle feather bonnet of the national vice chief was placed upon his head.  National Chief Clay Capp was then introduced and the national chief's eagle feather bonnet was set atop his head.  Clay Capp then led the arena of attendees in the Obligation of our Order.  Lisa Williamson, a graduate of Indiana University and former Miss Indiana, sang our national anthem as an array of pyrotechnics recreated the famous battle that inspired Francis Scott Key to pen the Star Spangled Banner. Excited Arrowmen during pre-show festivities.
The Parade of Lodges. A traditional highlight of the opening show, the parade of lodges followed our national anthem.  Hundreds of Arrowmen carrying their oversized lodge flaps processed from four entrances toward the stage.  There were so many flaps and so much cheering that our national officers were barely visible or heard on stage behind the parade.  Fireworks shot from various areas in the arena lighting up the the whole arena.

Following this, the delegation was addressed by National Vice Chief Riley Berg, who delivered an insightful speech on dreams and life goals. Riley reminded Arrowmen that they must not be afraid to seize opportunities as they arise in their lives.

The show then moved to the Order of the Arrow Lifetime Achievement Award, "A Legacy of Servant Leadership," which was created earlier this year to recognize individuals you have invested their lifetime in service to our Brotherhood and whose accomplishments on our behalf are historically significant.  Tom McBride of Rankin, Pennsylvania was presented with the award.  Tom was inducted in 1939 and over the past six decades has served our Order in positions from bugler at the 1940 national meeting to national chairman.  James McBride accepted the award on behalf of his father who was not able to attend. National Vice Chief Riley Berg
American flag projected on stage waterfall. The National Chief and Vice Chief then took over to introduce our Order's new Strategic Plan. The Region Chiefs joined in to explain the importance of the plan and its focus on service to the unit and council.  After the introduction, the lodge chiefs of every lodge approached the stage to place one of their lodge flaps on a symbolic version of the strategic plan to signify their dedication to the new Strategic Plan 2003-2007.

Throughout the show, a recurring theme to support training was presented.  Through creative skits and inspirational quotes from our nation's forefathers and Native American leaders, continued learning was emphasized for all of us.  Training begins Sunday.

The show was concluded with a magnificent display of lights and patriotic songs which included the surreal display of an American flag projected on a live onstage waterfall.  NOAC has begun!

Revised 7/28/02

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