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Man On The Street

These Arrowmen answered the following questions:

  1. How long did it take you to get to NOAC?
  2. Did you see anything cool on the way here?
  3. What are you looking forward to most during NOAC?

Peter and Charlie Pete and Charlie
Pontiac, Michigan
Chippewa Lodge #29
1. It took 7 hours for their journey.
2. They enjoyed swimming at thier hotel.
3. They look forward to the Soccer Competition.

Steve Steve
Naples, Florida
Osceola Lodge #564
1. It took 4 days to make his trek.
2. 6 flags, White Water Rafting, and Mammoth Cave were tops on his list.
3. He is looking forward to having a great experience like he had in '98 and '00.

Matt Matt
West Trenton, New Jersey
Sakuwit Lodge #2
1. It took them 16 hours to voyage to Indiana.
2. There wasn't much to do while sleeping in the car.
3. Matt is looking forward to Drum team singing and the Pow Wow Competitions.

Mike Mike
Staten Island, New York
Aquehongian Lodge #112
1. 12 hours was the trip time.
2. They didn't do anything on the way out, but are stopping at Six Flags on the way home.
3. Mike is looking forward to the Wilderness Medicine session.

Ben Ben
Newton, Kansas
Kansa Lodge #198
1. It took them 2 days to make it out here.
2. His contingent was lost in St. Louis while looking for a department store.
3. Ben is looking forward to the Grass Dance Competition

Skip Skip
Stillwater, Oklahoma
Ema'o Mahpe Lodge #14
1. 16 hours from Oklahoma to Indiana.
2. They went to the World's Largest McDonalds.
3. He is looking forward to the Ceremonies.

Keith Keith
Manitous Lodge #88
1. It took them 5 hours to get here.
2. They stopped at a rest area with no power.
3. Keith is looking forward to having fun and trading patches.

Brad Brad
Shreveport, Louisiana
Caddo Lodge #149
1. It was 15 hours for Brad's trip.
2. He stopped at a McDonnalds (Not the World's Largest).
3. He is really looking to use some fancy footwork in the Soccer tournament.

Matt Matt with a really nice hat
Charlotte, North Carolina
Catawba Lodge #459
1. 2 1/2 Hours was his duration to get out here (of course he flew).
2. He stated that a good looking female asked to take a picture with him in his uniform.
3. He is looking forward to the Dance Competition.

Chris Chris
Columbia, South Carolina
Muscogee Lodge #221
1. 11 Hours of sleep for him.
2. Trade-o-ree in Columbus, Ohio.
3. He is looking forward to the shows.

Randy Randy
Florence, South Carolina
Santee Lodge #116
1. He flew here in three hours.
2. He really didn't do anything cool, but he did get pretzels on the flight.
3. He is looking forward to Founders Day.

Patrick Patrick
Tom's River, New Jersey
1. He flew here in an hour or so.
2. He didn't have much fun on the flight.
3. He is looking forward to learning some new things in the classes.

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