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Starting Goodman-opoly. Goodman-opoly, quite possibly the largest game of Monopoly every created, has been played. This Order of the Arrow imitation of the popular board game covered a small field and could simultaneously handle 1000 players. The Web Staff was given exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the game by Dave Moss, the NOAC 2002 Recreation Chairman. The game basically followed the rules of Monopoly but used Order of the Arrow names and experiences from the Ordeal.
Arrowmen from Phoenix, Arizona Lodge #432 Wipala Wiki enthusiastically took an OA Chance in Goodman-opoly. Wipala Wiki members take an OA Chance.
Andy monitors Night Alone Railroad. Andy Zach, monitor of the Night Alone Railroad on the Goodman-opoly board, displays some Goodman-opoly money.
After the game, Goodman-opoly participants received a limited-edition collectors chip engraved with the game logo on one side and the NOAC 2002 Competition and Recreation Committee stamp on the other. Goodman-opoly Game Logo.

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