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The Order of the Arrow's New
"Guide to Inductions"

Cover of the new Guide to Inductions.

The Order of the Arrow recently published the Guide to Inductions, a new publication filled with information about the inductions process ranging from the unit elections process to Brotherhood conversion. The guide brings together every aspect of the induction process and provides a suggested structure for the inductions committee to follow. The new Guide to Inductions supplements the objectives and policies put forth in the Order of the Arrow Handbook and the Guide for Officers and Advisers.

The guide, however, is much more than that. First, it highlights the role that an OA Troop/Team Representative should play in their unit and gives a number of specific duties for the position. The guide also provides information on the nine elements that must be included in every Call-Out ceremony, as well as tips on how to perform a proper and effective Call-Out.

Especially helpful is the section on unit elections. It provides three different viewpoints on the election process -- chapter/lodge, elected candidates, and troop/team -- to better communicate how the process is perceived by everyone involved.

The guide also features profiles on the four ceremoney principals and outlines the personalities of each role. Although it does provide a more clear definition of how each part should be portrayed, the guide allows the flexibility and interpretation that every lodge cherishes. At the end of the ceremonies chapter is a small section on the responsibilities and expectations of the ceremonial team adviser.

As the guide has been published to accent the inductions process, it is not surprising that it recommends having assistant ceremonies advisers to help insure that everything runs smoothly. It also discusses how to effectively run an induction weekend.

The guide also discusses the Brotherhood part of the induction sequence and includes a special section titled 'Elements of a Good Brotherhood Program.' Lastly, the book includes an appendix of sample letters, forms, and Spirit of the Arrow Booklets for use by lodges and chapters.

The inductions process is an extremely important part of any lodge because elections and ceremonies play such a vital role in communicating the principles and morals that the Order of the Arrow teaches. The Guide to Inductions is an excellent way to better understand how the induction process can be most effective.

The new Guide to Inductions is now available on-line for all Arrowmen to use. It can also be ordered from the National OA Office.

Revised 8/06/02.

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