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Registration Begins!

Contingent arriving at the conference. As NOAC 2002 begins, over 7,000 Arrowmen descend on the campus of Indiana University Bloomington, IN. These Scouts and Scouters are arriving from all over the country, as well as some foreign countries. These Arrowmen will be stepping out of cars, vans and buses - some from a one hour drive, some from a trek lasting several days. Others will be arriving from the airport on the NOAC shuttle.

Lodge Chief and Adviser checking in. The registration process began at 8:00am on July 27 when the first lodges began arriving. Registration is expected to take all day, with some lodges not arriving until 5:00 in the afternoon. When the lodge contingent arrives, the Lodge Adviser and Lodge Chief leave the contingent to complete the registration process. Registration includes turning in medical forms, receiving and being informed on conference procedures.

As the Chief and Adviser complete registration, the rest of the contingent meets the Region Chiefs. The Chiefs of the four regions conduct meetings with the contingents from their region. At these meetings, the Arrowmen learn the procedures of the Conference as well as rules and the official Conference Code of Conduct. Arrowmen are given the schedule for the Conference.

While contingents wait for their Lodge Chief and Adviser to finish registration, they have the opportunity to recouperate from the trip to Bloomington and to meet fellow Arrowmen from around the country. Also, lodges have the opportunity to sign up for the specific events and competitions they want to participate in throughout the week.

As part of registration, a group photograph is taken of each contingent. With registration complete, contingents move off towards their dorms to unpack their things and prepare for the upcoming Conference.

Revised 7/27/02.

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