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Moving In

This morning at 8 AM, lodge contingents from across the nation began to arrive in Bloomington, Indiana for what is sure to be the best NOAC ever. The more than six thousand delegates were welcomed by the more than 1200 staff members who have spent the last few days preparing for their arrival.

This year at NOAC, the conference program includes: training sessions on numerous subjects, sports competitions, American Indian Activities events, Ceremony competitions and much much more. However this all begins with the Arrowmen moving into the dormitories here at IU. Participants at NOAC will staying in ten of the twenty residence halls on campus.

At Forrest Hall we caught up with the members of Ag-Im Lodge #156 from Northern Michigan as they were moving in. They described registration as "quite easy" since they took advantage of the express registration process. Nick L. from Ag-Im and his roommate  Joshua T. were impressed with their temporary home. Nick described it "As a lot better than the cabins at summer camp." They however did say they wished they had air conditioning in their room, but they would make by with the fan that Joshua brought from home.

Arrowmen from Ag-Im Lodge #156 unpacking Arrowmen unloading

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