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The Brotherhood Award

The Brotherhood Award

The Brotherhood Award was designed to encourage Arrowmen to get the most out of their NOAC experience. This year the Brotherhood Award is the arrowhead pin and is worn on the confrence patch. There are nine simple requirements for Arrowmen to earn the Brotherhood Award:

Part A:
Complete all of the following:

1. Each Arrowman must complete their three different training cells (one each day). Competing in competitions and workshops also will complete this requirement.
2. Meet one Arrowman from the other three regions to promote national Brotherhood and have them sign their book.
3. Discuss with their Lodge Chief, Contingent leader or Lead Adviser your conference experience and have them sign the book.

Part B:
Attend or participate in the following:

1. The Camping Extravaganza.
2. The Camping and High Adventure Expo.
3. Religious service on Sunday.
4. Visit the Order of the Arrow Museum.
5. One of the Meet the Man programs or Mike Brandwein's youth or adult symposims on Monday.

Part C:

Live up to the NOAC Code of Conduct, as certified by their contingent leader or lead adviser.

The Brotherhood Award on the NOAC patch

Revised 7/27/02

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