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Meet the Man

  National Committee Members

Today's session of "Meet the Man" featured four members of the National Committee:

  • Bradley E. Haddock - National Chairman
  • Glenn T. Ault M.D., MSEd. - Vice Chairman of Finance
  • Matthew Walker - Vice Chairman of National Events
  • Thomas E. Reddin - Vice Chairman of Region and Section Operations

Here are some of the questions asked by Arrowmen while at the conference or submitted from the web site along with answers provided by the National Committee Members.

Q: What is the status of the Scout Reach Program and where is it heading in the future?
A: Reddin: "It's important that we continue to be involved in the Scout Reach Program, work with this program, and build the support of it.

Q: What is the new Strategic Plan and how does it apply to the lodges?
A: Haddock: "The new Strategic Plan has three main focuses, leadership, service, and increased financial support for our councils and Scouts."

Q: Is there a chance that females from the Venture Crews are going to be allowed induction into the Order?
A: Haddock: "Probably not, Boy Scouts would have to change the Venture structure for the female to meet the youth requirements for the Order."

Q: Are the rumors about NOAC and the Jamboree switching years to meet there 100th anniversaries true?
A: Walker: "Yes, I, as well as the rest of us, would like to have a NOAC on the 100th anniversary and in order to do that the years have to switch. We have to decide whether to have a NOAC two successive years or to go two years without having one."

Q: In the event of a two year span without a NOAC would there be some other national event instead of NOAC?
A: Haddock: "That is something that would be considered, but we don't want to have too many programs in a given year because we are here to support the Scouting program not take away from it."

Q: Are there going to be changes made for those people that have become adults in Scouts, age 18, but haven't achieved the rank of 1st class, to be inducted in the Order as youth?
A: Ault: "No, the rules state that to be inducted in the Order as a youth, they must be registered in a troop and 1st Class rank; there is no change from the standard.

Q: Should a Brotherhood member have a goal of receiving the Vigil Honor?
A: Haddock: "No, they should be stunned when they are selected and surprised that they were picked over the others in their lodge. They should cheerfully serve because they want to, not as a means to get an honor or award."

Revised 7/28/02

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