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The Very Important Arrowman Luncheon

The NOAC 2002 Special Events Committee is pleased to offer an event to recognize Very Important Arrowmen (VIA) through a special meal program. The purpose of this event is to give youth Arrowmen the opportunity to meet and speak with National Officers and other OA dignitaries.

This NOAC's VIA luncheon has a new twist from years past, a "mocktail" reception that will be the perfect setting for Arrowmen from across the nation to interact with National Officers, members of the National Committee, as well as other Arrowmen. Three, VIA luncheons were scheduled throughout the conference: Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Along with great food, the occasion will have great speakers. Participants will also receive the first baseball card featuring the National Chief and National Vice Chief along with a special gift.

Each lodge received two invitations at registration for the VIA luncheon. Each lodge's contingent leader distributed those to the newest or youngest youth Arrowman and the lodge chief. If the lodge chief was not in attendance, another officer would have received the invitation. Because invitations were required for attendance, the few Arrowmen who attended will go home with an experience rare in the Order.

Revised 7/29/02.

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