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Financial Services Committee

Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
What Financial Services is all about
What Makes Financial Services So Cool?

Key Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

J. Dan McCarthy - Lead Adviser
Jim Barbieri - Comptroller
Tom Pankosky - Head Cash Clerk

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What Financial Services is all about:

Financial Services is a support committee to the NOAC Staff. It is normally made up of adults only, since its operations precludes active participation in many of the NOAC events. The Financial Services Committee provides accounting and banking services to support NOAC operations. Several months prior to NOAC, the Financial Services Committee begins operations by working with the National Director and Vice Chairman for National Events in establishing the budget for NOAC. Then during the months leading up to NOAC it provides accounting support for financial transactions related to NOAC. Once NOAC convenes, the Financial Services staff is fully manned to support the financial transactions of NOAC including Registration, the Trading Post and other events throughout NOAC.

The one difference between the Financial Services staff and a typical bank is that it provides support to NOAC Committees only, not to individuals. So staff members and participants alike at NOAC should plan ahead and bring with them the ability to obtain the cash they need to support them throughout NOAC. Travelers Checks are recommended for your cash needs (personal checks are not accepted at NOAC). There are ATM machines in the area for those with national ATM cards. Master Card and Visa credit cards will also be accepted at the Trading Post (once again, no personal checks though).

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What Makes Financial Services So Cool:

You may never see the Financial Service staff during your stay at NOAC, but rest assured they are working in the background to ensure you have the best NOAC experience ever!

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