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Training Committee

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments
B. Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments
C. Goals and Objectives
D. Preliminary Program plans for the Conference

A. Youth Committee Members and Assignments:

Justin Boren - CVC
Shawn Jeffers - Central Region Coordinator
Pat Boyd - Northeast Region Coordinator
Kevin Anderson - Southern Region Coordinator
Brock Ostrander - Western Region Coordinator
Jayson Watts - Needs and Logistics Coordinator
Dave Petrush - Publications
Hayato Natkawatase - Task Force

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B. Adult Committee Advisers and Assignments:

Mike Hoffman - Lead Adviser
Ed Lebenne - Assoc. Lead Adviser
Mat Milleson - Ass't. Lead Adviser
Steve Silbiger - Task Force Lead Adviser
James Arriola - Task Force Lead Adviser
Joe Shore - Evaluations Lead Adviser
Ken Peterson - Central Region Training Adviser
Bob Sirhal - Northeast Region Training Adviser
Dan Musik - Southern Region Training Adviser
Scott Beckett - Western Region Training Adviser
Clint Takeshita - Needs and Logistics Adviser
Don Chilcote - Staff Adviser

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C. Goals and Objectives:

  • To provide the highest quality and most comprehensive program of training for all participants that will impact individual, chapter, and lodge programs and activities.
  • Each participant is provided specific knowledge and hands-on experience with a certain topic / subject
  • Provide evaluations to facilitate the growth and development of current and future trainers.
  • Provide unique and innovative programming above and beyond typical NOAC training.
  • Provide a new medium for communication for all chapters and lodges.

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D. Preliminary Program plans for the Conference:

Training Cells
Founder's Day Training

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Revised 6/02/00.