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Staff Registration Information

The following information may prove useful to those serving on support staff for NOAC 2000.

(This material applies to those Arrowmen who have received a Notice of Staff Assignment from the national office.)

Staff Registration Location

All support staff will register in the lobby area of the Holiday Inn Downtown, in Knoxville. This is true no matter what committee you serve on, or what day you arrive. (This is true even if you arrive on Saturday, July 29th.) Note that having Saturday staff arrivals register at the Holiday Inn is a change from the information originally sent out in the staff registration packet.

The address and phone for the Holiday Inn is:
      Holiday Inn Downtown (Worlds Fair location)
      525 Henley Street
      Knoxville, TN 37902
      FAX 865-523-0738

Arriving Late in the Evening

Staff are asked to arrive by supper time on their scheduled arrival date. However, circumstances may result in a staff member arriving later in the evening.

If the registration team are not in the Holiday Inn lobby when people arrive, the team will leave word at the desk on how to contact them, or they will preregister the incoming staff member into a room, and process them the following morning.

Items to Bring to Registration

Each staff member will need have the following items with them when they register:

  • Their completed Class 3 Medical Form
  • Their Notice of Staff Assignment
  • Any remaining fees

The completed Medical Form is very important. If a staff member arrives without one, he or she will be sent over to a doctor to get one filled out.

Staff Housing

Staff will be housed at either the Holiday Inn or the Hilton hotel. Unlike past NOACs, staff rooms cannot be pre-assigned because the hotels will not furnish us with a room list of available rooms until the day prior (with updates being made throughout the day).

If two individuals wish to room together, their best bet is to register at the same time. Rooms are extremely tight (especially earlier in the week), and if two staff members do not arrive together, the housing staff will not be able to hold a bed open for later arrival.

Early Arrival

Each Staff member has been given an arrival date in his or her Notice of Staff Assignment. There are no approved arrivals before your scheduled date. (There are no extra rooms, as there is another big conference at UTK immediately before NOAC, and they are using all the rooms we have not pre-booked.)

If a staff member arrives before their scheduled date, they will need to find their own accomodations elsewhere, perhaps in a nearby town.

Fees Owed

If a staff member has not finshed paying all fees, he or she will need to pay them on arrival. Make sure you have your Notice of Staff Assignment, to verify your status.

Revised 07/26/00.