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Contingent Registration Procedures

When a lodge arrives at NOAC, the contingent leader and lodge chief (or his representative) will enter the registration area at Thompson-Boling Arena. Once there, they will go through the following process:

  1. Forms Completion and Medical Status Check
    Tour Permit Validated
    Complete any remaining forms (Additional Forms available)
    Medical Status Check
  2. NOAC Wide Game Participation
    Contingent leader will receive Instructions and Puzzle Pieces for all participants
  3. Check-in:

Express Service Check-in (For Eligible Contingents Only)

  1. Contingent Leader will pick-up packet containing Housing Assignments, map to residents hall, and Training Schedules. Leader will pay Key Deposit and then proceed to their assigned residence halls.

General Registration (for all contingents not eligible for Express Service)

  1. Flow Control
    Please provide number of: Youth 17 and younger, 18 - 20 year olds, Adult males and Adult females
  2. Registration
    Payment Records Checked and Fees Collected
    Receive Receipt for fees paid on-site or refund status
  3. Housing
    Receive housing assignments, (meal bands and contingent packets distributed at residence hall)
    Collect contingent Key Deposit of $50
  4. Campus Directions
    Receive directions to housing
  5. Training
    Receive Individual Training Schedules and Master Lodge schedule
  6. Lodge Locator Update
    Update Contingent Leader Housing information and location for contingent

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Revised 07/27/00