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Living History Exhibit

One of the new and exciting programs that will add to NOAC 2000 is the Living History Exhibit at the NOAC Museum. This part of the museum is for the purpose of sharing memories of interactions with our founders, E. Urner Goodman and Carol A. Edson.

Today, the first generation of Arrowmen that have never seen or interacted with the founders are taking leadership roles in the Order. The Living History Exhibit will provide them with background and information on our founders and their impact on all of us.

If you are a person that has interacted with or has a story to tell about the founders, then you would be perfect for this groundbreaking exhibit.

What the museum is asking for is simply a forty-five to sixty minute time slot during normal museum hours, where you share your experiences with the rest of the nation. These time slots can be set before NOAC 2000.

If you are interested in participating in the Living History Exhibit, or have any questions on it, please contact the NOAC 2000 Museum Chairman, Dominique Baker, or the NOAC 2000 Museum Co-Adviser, Steve Gaines.


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Revised 6/28/00.