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Questions and Answers for NOAC 2000

If you have questions about NOAC 2000, please try to get the answer from your local lodge contingent Adviser, or by searching this web site. Also check the various printed NOAC material, especially the NOAC 2000 Lodge Contingent Leader Guidebook and the information in the NOAC Program Packet.

If you are unable to find the answer from these sources, you may send your question to Because this site is operated by volunteers, it may take one or more weeks to respond to your question, so please be patient.

Various questions and answers of common interest are posted here.

  1. Can I register with my Lodge, but travel to NOAC 2000 on my own, instead of travelling with my Lodge?
  2. Where can I get an image of the NOAC 2000 patch? I am the lodge newsletter editor and would like to use it in our publication.
  3. Can Arrowmen obtain a "Day Pass" that would allow them to attend NOAC events without being a registered participant, if they are responsible for their own food and lodging?
  4. Are the dorms at the University of Tennessee air conditioned?
  5. Where can we get more information about the Arrowmen who have been selected to receive the DSA this year?
  6. We have a number of questions about the NOAC Brotherhood Band...?
  7. What uniforms and equipment should participants bring to NOAC 2000?
  8. A member of our contingent is lactose intolerant. Are there are special meals available at NOAC, and who do we need to contact about it?
  9. Will NOAC participants have access to the University's athletic facilities such as weight rooms and swimming pools?
  10. Will Arrowmen at NOAC have access to a computer lab to be able to check email?
  11. My son sent in a NOAC trading post order form in June, but we have lost the copy that he needs to take with him to verify his order. Can we obtain a copy of the form we sent in?
  12. I have a number of questions on the Scuba diving event...?
  13. How heavy of a shot are we going to be using for the shot put competition on Sunday?
  14. I have a few questions about the rules for some of the Lodge Sports competitions...?
  15. What type of payment will be accepted at the NOAC Trading Post?

Revised 7/26/00